How it started….

You have recently been living at the Marina Scheveningen and see the potential of the area.

Fantastic restaurants, a beautiful marina, sun, sea and beach and The Hague. Good combination….

At that moment comes a fantastic corner apartment for sale. Such a chance is not often there…. You are there first and buy it immediately without doubt.

You think for the rental… But you speak with many people who all have their own vision and life story.

Finally, you come to the conclusion: why not many more people enjoy the fantastic view? Wouldn’t that be great….

You speak more people, about customer relations, teambuilding, social events and let it simmer for a few months…

The direction is becoming clearer…

Suddenly there is a chance with the NK Beachvolleyball in Scheveningen and you have to go full throttle!

Œi… That was not planned yet… Just DO It! Work hard to shape the plan.

I have done that and I am very much in the mood!

Every one thanks in the creative thinking process, tips, feedback and attention to spar about this concept.

Given the short preparation time, some things are still “Work in Progress”, for example, still professional photos need to be made.

However, the website will give you a good impression of what Pitchpower Scheveningen has to offer.

Pitchpower Scheveningen is a fantastic place and I hope to give many people a feeling that they will feel comfortable here in “another way” whether this is for business, meetings, training, coaching, private dining or startup ideas.

Connecting people is important in this time. I hope that pitchpower Scheveningen can be an “enabler” to bring out the best in people so that every success will have on a business or personal level and will have a good time.

Oh yeah… Now you have 24 hours of nonstop sailing…. Gain positive energy for the NK Beach volley…. Living on the Edge;-)

All thanks

Wilco Nijland of Sportworx for the collaboration with NK Beach volley Scheveningen.

Woody Industries for the amazing hardwood-table, amazing!

Whatiship for the beautiful design chairs.

Albert Lammers of Stylus Design ( for brainstorming, firs, corporate identity, design and assembly.

Yvonne van Atelier magnificence for the good ideas and adjustment in terms of styling, it really is a profession!

Vistaprint that had to deliver everything as quickly and brought this to a good end.

Peinemann, who “even” sent a crane on Sunday morning to raise a table top that would otherwise never have come to an upper….

All the people and sailors of Yacht club Scheveningen and beyond.
Without sailing in my life, this never came from the ground. Sailing is a really fantastic sport!

And of course all the other lovely people who have thought along, gave feedback and collaborated
Have to this concept and my brain dumps have (should) hear..


Remco de Ridder
founder of Pitch Power Scheveningen