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Medemblik Regatta 2019 © Sander van der Borch
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An inspiring place to come together


To Meet, to Coach, To Crowd, To Stay

To Meet, to Coach, To Crowd, To Stay

Since the beginning of June 2019
Pitch Power Owner
of a fantastic
Apartment on the
Cozy Marina
In Scheveningen.

You can go here for business meetings, coaching and inspiration sessions. We want to bring people together for startups and crowdfunding. You can also visit us for private dining and accommodation.
The perfect place to do business professionally in a personal ambiance.
In combination with the top restaurants such as Encore-by-Simonis, SuzieQ and Catch-by-Simonis, you will ensure the right atmosphere in meetings, coaching, trainings and customer receipt.
Of course you can do business in a restaurant or a meeting place, but we offer you the possibility to add a valuable personal touch.
The location also offers the possibility to stay overnight. Private parking is available.
The beach is within walking distance and you have all the facilities of the Hague around the corner.
If you want to combine your business meeting with an activity you will have many different possibilities such as sailing, powerboat boating or beach volley.


Pitchpower is the ultimate place to do business and hold meetings.
Work together with your employees on a quotation? An important customer to surprise otherwise?
Do you really forge a team of employees? Instead of a driving session, we offer you a beach session to get inspiration from the management.
We can really arrange everything for you in the way you wish! With the quality you desire.
Privacy and confidentiality are of course guaranteed.
We offer you all the facilities of whiteboards, 4K presentation Tvs, VOIP conference phone.
We offer meeting room to 12 people, but have opportunities to spend close to larger groups.
If desired, we offer the possibility to stay overnight in the same location.
We can arrange catering of different levels for you.
Whether you eat in pitchpower Scheveningen itself or you go for good food outside the door, for example
Suzie Q, Catch-by-Simonis, or Encore-by-Simonis.
And all with the most amazing views you can imagine……


Pitchpower is the ultimate place to do high-level personal coaching.
Enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the marina. Work on your goals in a focused way.
Exertion with relaxation draws the best in a human above. We offer all possibilities for this!
Pitchpower offers the possibility to provide efficient training with all facilities. Afterwards there is the possibility to stay in the same location.
The umpteenth training hall, hotel or restaurant?
Rather not…. Your students will experience that training can also be given in a different high-class way.
Try it out…


Who hasn’t ever thought of starting their own business?
The statistics show that this is not as easy as it is often thought.
However, the chances of success are a lot bigger if you get professional feedback to protect you from common mistakes.
We are in for that and we get energy from that.
We collaborate with coaches, marketing and advertising professionals, crowd-funders,
And business analysts to increase the likelihood of success.
But we will also be honest with you if we think it is a less good idea and what the risks associated with it are.
This can be in a low-end or a high-end way, just what you have in mind.
Pitchpower offers the possibility to test your idea of feasibility together with these experts.
We too have made our mistakes, let us help you not to make the same!
We do this in a relaxed but professional atmosphere to get the best in people and quickly get to the core.
Sign up for one of the evenings!


Pitchpower has several overnight accommodation options.
Standard we have 6-8 sleeping places
If more capacity is desired, we can arrange it for you in the same location.
So you can use your time optimally because you no longer need to separate
To drive to a hotel.


Great food with private chef and the most amazing view?
Or would you like to enjoy culinary delights with a group?
Pitchpower offers you various culinary possibilities!
If desired with overnight stay in the same location, because we understand that sometimes you really do not want
More to drive home after a culinary adventure.


Pitchpower organizes a number of Meet & Greet Events:
Exact dates are announced a little later.
Pitchpower Startups Event
Whiskey & Cigars
Wine & Cheese
Oysters & Wine
Sign up for these events soon!

For bookings or information call 0615519071 send an email to info@pitch-power.nl

Or go to the Contact and fill in your request.